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Whats Up is an enjoyable and entertaining game similar to Scrabble

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Whats Up is an entertaining game similar to Scrabble, in which you have to form words with the letters given. You can play with three other players, human or computer. The game includes three available dictionaries to choose from, the computer uses them to check automatically whether the words you enter are existent. It also includes a hint system that provides one possible option which can be used only a couple of times as well as a wonderful tool which provides possible solutions with the letters you have. The game features a nice and intuitive user interface, organized in different tabs, and a few customization options that include sound effects, play fast, see player tiles, blank tile exchange, auto tile select, player time limit and hints. These options can make the game easier or more difficult. These preferences can be saved as well as all the games you play, at any stage. When the game is over, the program provides all the players with a summary, showing the points, average score and best words. It also comes with another program that allows you to design your own tiles. If you are a puzzle lover, you should definitely try Whats Up.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Hint system
  • Four players
  • Anagram generation tool
  • Three dictionaries
  • Nice and intuitive user interface


  • Only in English available
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